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Select a Color Palette

yucca • cotton • Pomegranate • pecan • Nopal

Select a Container:

glass or terra cotta



Select Flowers & Quantities

bouquets • wearables • tabletop • extras • rentals

Color Palette: COTTON

Color Palette: COTTON

Florecita Flowers - Flower Crown


Create Order

liaise with our team

Go to “Create Order”. Complete the online form and agreement. We will be in touch directly with a completed proposal order that you can edit and approve.

Download our “Cheat Sheet” as a great reference tool.


Color Palette: NOPAL

Color Palette: NOPAL


Hold your date

Non-refundable retainer- 50% of the invoice, unless event is booked in less than 2 weeks.

Rush Orders

$75 rush fee for orders placed less than seven days in advance. Subject to availability.


The nitty-gritty

Minimum Order

$350 order minimum (excluding tax and delivery).

Turnaround time

We can turn things around pretty quickly and allow for orders to be placed up to one week in advance.


We are located in Albuquerque, NM. and offer delivery in the area. View locations and pricing here.

Color Palette: POMEGRANATE

Color Palette: POMEGRANATE