Frequently Asked Questions


Where do i collect my arrangements?

We will reach out to you two weeks prior to your event to schedule a pick-up date and time at our studio in Northeast Albuquerque.

Can I meet with you guys to talk about my wedding?

One of the reasons we started Florecita was to streamline the flower ordering process in the wedding world. We think ordering flowers can be and should be fun, easy and simple. Our prices are low because, through this program, we have minimized back and forth between our staff and our clients. If you have questions feel free to give us a call or email and we will make sure you’re well cared for. Should you want a more hand on approach to your wedding or event (design suggestions, customized centerpieces etc), please get in touch with Floriography. If you feel a meeting to discuss your event is needed, we charge a $100/hour fee.

Can I Customize the flowers and color palettes?

We created the 5 color palettes because we love they way they harmonize with different event themes and feel like there is a little something for everyone. Occasionally minor adjustments to color or specific color varieties can be accommodated- if you have a request please discuss it in your order.

As a general rule of thumb, color customization is an additional $120 per color change/addition. For example if you want to add some pink to the cotton palette, add $120. Fully customized palettes start with a flat fee of $275 (this is an administration fee and is additional to the final item cost).

If there is a flower you are allergic to please let us know and we will be sure that your arrangement is free of it.

If you think that you want more communication like consultations, full scope proposals, large installations, and a program with more customization- please get in touch with Floriography who is masterful at creating stunning, well designed and personalized events.

Will you set everything up?

Sometimes, yes! Some weekends we are happy to extend an additional set-up service. Please get in touch with us soon to find our if your event is eligible for this.

Can I choose different vases?

YES, we have a huge inventory. We don’t have our full inventory up on this site, but let us know what you’re looking for and we will get you pricing on renting or purchasing containers from us.